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linuX-gamers Live DVD 0.9.3 Now Available


linuX-gamers Live DVD 0.9.3 Now Available - Play your favorite games straight from the DVD. A few days ago, the linuX-gamers Live DVD version 0.9.3 was launched, packed with a lot of games of different types (FPS, RPG, strategy, arcade, etc.). This is a 'boot-and-play' Linux distribution, therefore it will allow you to play the games directly from the DVD without having to install anything at all on your computer.

linuX-gamers Live DVD 0.9.3 was showcased at the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin, that took place between May 28 - May 31. For this edition, the developers added support for recent boards' chipsets, a GUI for easy network configuration, rebuild the base and mastering environment so it could support custom mastering. Moreover, you will easily configure your display from now on, thanks to the brand new configuration tool that was added.

In order to run the games on this Live DVD you will need a computer with at least 512 MB of RAM and a videocard with 3D acceleration. Your processor must be compatible with the x86 architecture. The video settings are saved to USB stick.

If you're wondering what games are included on this LiveDVD, here are some of the most popular:

Glest - a real time strategy game that sets the action in a world where technology and magic are at war with each other. The player can choose between magic and technology, and then fight against up to three enemies. You start the same way as in other RTS games, with a small base, a few basic units and a small quantity of resources. The goal of the game is to create an army powerful enough to destroy your enemies.

TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator is a car racing game and, at the same time, a research platform.

GL-117 - an action flight simulator where you are a member of the Eagle Squadron and take part in interesting missions through different landscapes.

Nexuiz - a FPS that uses a highly modified version of the Quake engine, called DarkPlaces. You can fight against bots or online, against other human players. For the time being, there are nine weapons and 24 futuristic maps that you can try out.

These are only a few of the games included on the linuX-gamers Live DVD, there are many others that you have to find out for yourselves and test them out.

Download the linuX-gamers Live DVD right now from Softpedia.
By: Daniel Voicu, Linux Editor

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