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Available Now: Damn Small Linux 4.4

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Available Now: Damn Small Linux 4.4 - More bug fixes and a handful of updates! Damn Small Linux 4.4, the versatile mini desktop Linux distribution, was announced today by its maintainer, Robert Shingledecker. This new version introduces a few important fixes, some software updates and a handful of modifications. Let’s find out about the new stuff first! For some extra performance, DSL 4.4 comes with a refactored Lua/Fltk, a new file diff GUI viewer called fldiff, a low resource theme & background, a new font (smoothansi) that is now used in the JWM menu and, as a bonus, the C/C++ programs can benefit from the Fltk library.

Among the updates, we notice a new feature in mydslBrowser, called Download Only, two new options in the man script (-o and -b), rsync 3.0.2, and the "Getting Started" document was updated with Wireless Information and Wiki links.

You should also know that DSL 4.4 fixes the permissions for fusermount, the Cpanel bug that didn't allow users to turn off the SSH daemon and, last but not least, the search engines in Mozilla Firefox web browser were fully restored.

While being powered by JWM (Joe's Window Manager), Damn Small Linux 4.4 includes powerful and useful applications for daily usage. Among these applications, we notice the popular Dillo, Netrik and Firefox web browsers, the Sylpheed e-mail client, Xzgv image viewer, Xpaint photo editor and the emelFM file manager. Below is a detailed list with more great applications that can be found inside DSL:
• XMMS (mp3, ogg, mpeg, cd audio)
• mp321
• ogg123
• Vim, an enhanced Vi
• Assorted Xbase utilities (Xcalc etc.)
• ssh and sshd
• betaftpd, a very small FTP daemon
• Sqlite, a small and very fast SQL database engine
• Nano, console text editor
• Monkey web server
• MS Office Viewer
• Postscript Viewer
• Telnet client
• Microcom
• Midnight Commander
• Bash Burn, a CD/DVD burning utility
• Fast and Light GUI Admin tools
• VNC viewer
• Rdesktop

Damn Small Linux is a very small (50 MB) and fast desktop-oriented Linux distribution. It can:
• boot from a 8cm Compact Disc;
• boot from an USB flash drive;
• be easily converted into a Debian OS;
• run on low-end machines, such as a 486DX with 16MB of RAM;
• used as a Live CD;
• be highly modular.

Download Damn Small Linux 4.4 right now from Softpedia.
By: Marius Nestor, Linux Editor

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