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Elive 1.7.5 Now Available

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Elive 1.7.5 Now Available - "Where Debian meets Enlightenment" The team from Elive has released a new development edition of the Debian-based LiveCD with the latest Enlightenment 17 (E17) window manager. The version of this edition is 1.7.5 and comes with the updated kernel

Some modifications were made in the graphical configurations suite, a workaround was created for the boot process and a brand new menu was added to ask you what you want to do at the end of a graphical session.

There were some problems with an NVidia graphics card model in older releases of Elive, like the issue that caused a blackscreen to appear. Support for a special Intel sound card was added. Another problem related to NVidia was the one concerning the selection of the 3D-accelerated NVidia driver.

An option was added to the boot parameters, that disables Bluetooth support from the start, in case you don't want Bluetooth support; the option is "nobluetooth." Madwifi (Atheros) wireless cards now support a brand new chipset model.

About Elive:
Elive is an operating system created by using Debian GNU/Linux as its basis, and it offers a lot of eye-candy while keeping the resources consumption very low with the help of the Enlightenment window manager.

The Elive Linux distribution sports a large number of applications, ranging from office applications to games. You can watch movies and, even better, you can create your own through the apps provided by Elive. E16 is the stable edition of the Enlightenment window manager that comes with Elive. Besides this, E17, the development version of Enlightenment is brought to you from CVS and is updated on a regular basis through Elive's testing repository. If you want to use Elive, it is recommended you use a computer with minimum a processor at 300 MHz and 128 of RAM.

Download Elive 1.7.5 right now from Softpedia.
By: Daniel Voicu, Linux Editor

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