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ClarkConnect 4.3 Available


The ClarkConnect developers are proud to announce a new stable version of their Enterprise Linux distribution. ClarkConnect 4.3 brigs a new kernel with support for SMP processors, Groupware support in WebMail, a mail queue and RAID manager, OpenVPN for road warriors, and many other new and updated applications. Let's have a quick look at some of the main features of ClarkConnect 4.3:
• WebMail has Groupware support
• Road warriors with OpenVPN
• A new system processes viewer
• Mail queue manager
• RAID manager
• Default security/keys for users
• Remote backup support (in beta stage)

Upgrading the system is possible only if ClarkConnect 3.0 or a later version is currently installed, computers with versions like 2.x not being eligible for upgrade to 4.x. Upgrading from 4.0/4.1/4.2 involves a series of terminal commands which should raise no difficulties, granted that an Internet connection is available, followed by a reboot:
• apt-get update
• apt-get install cc-upgradeto43
• apt-get clean
• apt-get update
• apt-get dist-upgrade

The upgrade to ClarkConnect 4.3 could have an impact on the OpenVPN settings, so users who experimented with OpenVPN in previous versions should check their configuration after the upgrade.

The kernel upgrade from 4.2 is optional, but it can easily be performed using the commands:
• apt-get update
• apt-get install kernel

the former opening a list of available kernels, from which a certain version can be selected and installed, such as:
• apt-get install kernel#2.6.18-93.cc

However, ClarkConnect 4.3 has some known issues, such as the blank screens bug encountered with some types of hardware on first boot, some legacy Megaraid/Dell RAID cards are not yet supported and the localization is unfinished.

Get ClarkConnect 4.3 right now from here.
By: Mihai Mircea, Linux Editor (http://news.softpedia.com)

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